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As a new member of the United Way board of directors this year, I am honored to be part of such a thoughtful, supportive, and impactful group of individuals that give their time and talent to support the agencies that care for our communities.

This year I have learned more about the many fundraising and corporate campaign efforts that contribute to the United Way’s ability to support communities. It is clear that this support and advocacy for local agencies would not be possible without YOU. Your generosity and commitment to supporting your own community resources is evident in the continued grants and funding assistance that the United Way is able to provide each and every year.

Agencies throughout our communities are doing tremendous work for the betterment of residents and families. In addition to their caring and compassionate work with people, the agencies also spend a great deal of time diligently seeking funding opportunities to provide the best care possible.

Just as the awarding process for funding assistance was drawing to a close this year, the impact of COVID-19 hit our state. Without hesitation, your local United Way sought opportunities to assist. Knowing that the community needs will increasingly involve assistance with paying bills for utilities, rent, and basic needs due to uncertainties with employment in both the near and likely distant future, the United Way decided to divert funds typically devoted to Pillar Grants to provide COVID-19 support to communities instead. This decision allocates more than $20,000 over the next three months to help local organizations accommodate more urgent needs.

As our local communities work together right now in both visible and invisible ways to care for one another and do their part in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 disease, I am proud to be part of an amazing organization dedicated to lifting up the lives of the residents of our communities. In my corner of the community, my colleagues at UW-Whitewater are continuing to communicate transparently as well as provide a sense of normalcy as we all deal with an overwhelming amount of new information daily. I am grateful for all of you who reach out proactively in these times of need and uncertainty. It’s never been a better time to engage with your local United Way.

Lynsey Schwabrow
United Way board member
Chief of Institutional Research and Planning, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater