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During this time of uncertainty and crisis, our communities have come together to support one another in special ways. It is times like these where we value the simple things such as family. Family is what gives us solace and brings us together, even when we cannot be together physically.


Here at Jones Dairy Farm, our family and extended family of employees are working hard to feed our communities and persevere, as we’ve done for over a 130 years. I’m grateful to be part of a company that sincerely cares and am thankful to all of my fellow colleagues dedicating their hearts to a bigger purpose.


Jones Dairy Farm is proud to be a partner of United Way. As a member of the United Way Board, I’m proud of the commitment and leadership United Way has taken to support our community during this unprecedented time. Our United Way has started a Covid-19 relief fund to help those in need and provide relief checks to local school districts and select United Way partner agencies. I admire how nimble the United Way is able to operate to quickly and effectively help those in our own backyard.

Lisa Caras
United Way board member
Marketing Manager, Jones Dairy Farm