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No chili cook-off this year? Let’s just “chill” instead!

Since our Board has been blogging, I have always been the chili blogger. Why? Because I LOVE making and eating CHILI and I LOVE the United Way CHILI COOK-OFF!  This year, however, has been a year of learning to “love” and appreciate differently for all of us. I am still loving making and eating chili, but I have now taken on a new love and it’s called “chillin out”. Trust me, this newfound love was hard to grasp at first. If you are like me; “chillin” does not come easy. So, I decided to do what I always do when I want to succeed and make a plan. I thought this may be perfect time to share it and hopefully it will encourage others to “chill” too! And no sooner will we all be “chillin”, and the CHILI COOK OFF will be back!

Robin’s “Chill” Plan:

#1 – Commit to “chill” daily.

#2 – Get a pair of bluetooth, wireless earbuds. (this is very important to keep yourself free of wires during your chill time, it makes a huge difference!) Plus, they work great when you are doing yardwork, cooking, cleaning too. Tip – only put one in so you can hear your family too!

#3 – Pick 3 – 5 activities that promote “chillin” out and rotate daily. This keeps it fresh. Here are a few of my favorites:
a. Coloring (yes, I do love to color, it is a great activity for calming your mind)
b. Walking…..with my family, my dog, or just on my own.
c. Listening to music or inspirational Podcasts. (This has been a wonderful new world for me. There are so many great people podcasting.)
d. Reading. (Yes, this one NEVER goes out of style!)
e. Online shopping. (Yes, it’s true, shopping is therapeutic).
f. Meditation, praying, connecting with your spiritual self. Find your peace.

#4 – Schedule time each day to “chill”. (Yes, easy to say hard to do) Keep in mind:
a. Pick the time of day that works best for you and your family.
b. Don’t break your date with yourself! You are worth it.

#5 – Keep a calendar (you can use any calendar) and check off every day you “chilled out”. You will be surprised how it becomes part of your day.

Let’s all take a lesson from an anonymous wise person who said “Life is much easier when you just chill out.”

Robin Kennedy
United Way Board Member
VP of Mission Advancement, Opportunities, Inc.