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This past year, the spirit of collaboration and community has never been more important as the collective response to the needs impacted directly and indirectly by COVID-19.  This was seen through multiple partnerships whether it was the regional healthcare/public health response of working together, first responders coordinated on-going efforts, support among nonprofits, assistance with business recovery and promotion, coordination among education systems and community members stepping up in numerous ways. The county has seen well over 500 volunteers that has assisted in various community responses to include our clinics.

The United Way has been a key community partner all the way through this past year.   From helping getting information out, assisting in filling in gaps to include providing emergency COVID-19 funding for partners, helping with transportation efforts, to assisting with emergency housing challenges.  Further, they have worked with the nonprofit community to assist in meeting their needs and challenges they face today and the future.

The county continues to engage with the United Way on multiple levels. First, we continue to support and partner on the volunteer platform available for all our communities.  The goal is to support opportunities and efficient ways to make individuals aware of volunteer opportunities and allow an easy way to sign up.  This is a great resource.  Second, the United Way partnered with the county on being the eyes and ears for the nonprofit community this past year, to help identify challenges and opportunities in providing support to those in need. Finally, we sponsor a campaign within our organization.  Many of our departments work closely with the United Way and other nonprofits to align resources to serve many aspects of our community needs.

As the county looks ahead to the remainder of 2021 and beyond, the intent is continuing the efforts to recover and collaborate with numerous partners.  This includes the focus on issues brought forward through the recently approved comprehensive plan.  Further, we intend to work closely among our stakeholders from other local government, businesses, and nonprofits for the best use of the American Rescue Plan Act dollars the county has been allocated.  The goal is to use these funds to help with on-going recovery needs to move the county and region forward together.

Ben Wehmeier
Administrator, Jefferson County
Board Member, United Way