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As most of you know firsthand, the pandemic has caused many of us to try new things.  Some good like learning a new hobby, some bad like making a sourdough starter.  What we all need to think about now is what can I do to help make a difference?  For United Way workplace campaigns, that is no different.

Due to social distancing guidelines or other added precautions, some events you normally run for your campaign might not be possible this year. This is where thinking outside the box can help.

Can’t speak to everyone all at once? At United Way, we have posters, signs and videos to help spread the message about your campaign.

Having trouble with event ideas? I have seen companies raffle off mask packages that were handmade by colleagues. You could have a mask competition to vote for your favorite mask. If masks aren’t a hot topic, you could look at raffling off something that encourages being outside like bag toss – an activity that naturally promotes social distancing.

While this sadly might be our new normal, it doesn’t have to mean running miserable campaigns. “Now more than ever” we need to help each other in our communities, because we are all in this together.

Start thinking and sharing ideas with your campaign manager to help come up with events that will work best for you and your company.

United Way appreciates your support!

Matt Yonke
United Way Board Member
HR and Safety Manager, HUSCO International