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Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of being a both a United Way Board member and past Campaign Chair.  The generosity of the community is incredible, keeping the United Way there for all of us.  The monies donated to the United Way are subsequently directed to organizations who demonstrate a solid need and an equally strong sense of fiscal responsibility.

Quarterly grant funding is allocated to Partner Agencies, listed on our United Way website.  These agencies participate in a stringent application and review process; where United Way Board and Community members truly treat these dollars as their own.  Special thanks to our Partner Agencies for their diligence and commitment to the programs funded through the United Way.

Pillar Grants, which provide funding on specific community projects and programs, focus on areas of impact.  Recipients provide detailed information which must meet specific criterion before allocations are awarded.  In 2019, ten pillar grant recipients received a total of more than $18,000 to assist with specific programs.

When the weather turns cold, we recognize that our fellow community members have a variety of needs.  One of our most important outreaches is Ride United, fully funded by the United Way, which provides FREE transportation to local food pantries, the Rock River Free Clinic, Community Dental Clinic and the Winther Counseling Lab.

As our new year approaches, let’s keep those in need in mind.  The United Way is truly active twelve months of the year, involved in both fundraising and granting allocations.  I am truly proud to serve as a Board Member for the United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth Counties, where we fully embrace the United Way theme.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting the United Way!

Nancy Alstad
United Way board member
Senior Director, Human Resources – Fort Healthcare