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My first experiences with the United Way came after I had moved back to Wisconsin and my hometown of Jefferson.  Moving back I knew I wanted to give back and make an impact.  Both my Grandfathers volunteered and gave so much of their personal time for their communities and others.  This spurred me to create Pack the Parlor Toy and Winter clothing drive. We started this Drive to help local kids and families in need during the difficult holiday season.  This is where 7 years ago I reached out to Megan to see which local groups could benefit from the generous donations we had received.  From then on we have partnered with the United Way of Jefferson & Walworth Counties.  With this partnership we have been able to help countless people during the holiday season.

Since this partnership, I’ve been wanting to expand on how to give back to my community and those around it.  When Megan asked if I was interested in the Board Position I knew it was a no brainer.  I knew this was a way for me to help make an impact in my communities.  What I didn’t know was how much the United Way did for those in our communities.  I was aware of various grants they would give to nonprofits. However, I wasn’t aware of all the other services they provide, such as free rides for those wishing to get vaccinated but didn’t have a way to get to their appointment.

There is something to be said about all the positivity that is associated with getting involved and giving back.  For me personally it is a great feeling knowing you are leaving something better than you found it.  I would like to think in some small way we have helped to leave a lasting impact on our communities.  Getting involved with the United Way has strengthened my sense of community and allowed me to learn and grow as part of a team. It has brought me valuable life and leadership skills that any person would find valuable as they are looking to thrive in their community and workplace.

Tony Wedl
United Way Board Member
Distributor, Frank Liquor