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I feel both blessed and grateful to be on the United Way Board of Directors as well as serving in my role as the Office Coordinator for Valero Renewables in Jefferson.

Valero Renewables Jefferson holds an annual kickoff where employees gather for a meeting, enjoy munchies, and participate in games & challenges. At the meeting, Megan (the United Way executive director) delivers a heartfelt “Thank You” to our employees and fills us in on the challenges that our communities are currently facing.

Valero encourages each employee to give from the heart. Our employees are an inspiration to me with their selflessness and willingness to help others.

Each year, Valero Jefferson employees generously pledge to the United Way. We continue to be the top workplace campaign supporter for our local United Way, providing almost 1/3 of the total contributions raised each campaign season.

Valero employees are able to choose from any of the thirty plus local agencies that our United Way supports. The employee can designate their donation to an agency that means something to them, or to a cause that is close to their heart.

I have volunteered for as long as I can remember and being on the United Way Board allows me to be involved in my communities more than I thought possible.

We are still in uncertain times, but one thing is for sure – the United Way is here to support those in need and is remaining focused on our mission through tough times.  I am proud to be part of it all.

Helen Mortazavi
Office Coordinator, Valero Renewables Jefferson
Board Member, United Way