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It is hard to believe that we are already two months into the long-awaited new year of 2021!  While we all eagerly look to the future, it seems incredible that the United Way Partner Agency Grant Review Process is already complete!

While we often think of the United Way at the same time we are enjoying watching our favorite professional Football teams, the United Way is very active all throughout the year.  Now that most fundraising projects are completed, it is time for a comprehensive review to determine which local  organizations will be the recipients of these generously donated funds.

Partner Agencies, listed on our United Way website, are organizations that are approved for quarterly grant funding from our United Way.  To qualify for consideration, these Agencies complete an all-inclusive application which is reviewed in detail.  There are also established expectations and clear agreements that must be agreed upon in advance of application.   A comprehensive conversation occurs between representatives of the Partner Agencies and a team of a very dedicated United Way Board and Community Volunteers that ensure these partner agencies meet specific criteria that align with the mission and vision of the United Way.  Everyone involved truly treats these dollars as if they were their own!  It is certainly difficult to select from the many deserving recipients.  The United Way board of directors completes a final review and approval of allocations.    We are very appreciative of the Partner Agencies, who are very diligent with use of program funds.

I am truly proud to serve as a Board Member for the United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties, where we truly embrace the United Way theme of NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Nancy Alstad
Senior Director Human Resources, Fort Healthcare
United Way Board Member