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Happy October, everyone! It’s hard to believe we are only nine weeks away from Christmas and a busy (albeit sure to be unusual) holiday season. Just because the year is almost over does not mean that the United Way is done helping people! Now more than ever there is a need to continue to provide support for our community as we continue to face unprecedented times.

First and foremost, it would be extremely remiss if I did not use this opportunity to send a sincere “thank you” to Megan, the Executive Director for the United Way of Jefferson and Walworth Counties. The dedication, determination, and passion that Megan has for helping people, no matter the situation, is unmatched and is certainly deserving of recognition. I think that we all can agree that this year posed and continues to pose a challenge for all in a variety of ways, and the United Way is no exception. Megan did not allow these circumstances to put a halt to the United Way’s vital work, but rather, she thought outside of the box to make this year’s campaign just as successful as any. Again, thank you, Megan, for your leadership and your commitment to your community.

At Festival Foods, we are very honored with the privilege of kicking off, if you will, the United Way campaigning season. In honesty, given the circumstances of this year, I was unsure how successful our campaign would be. The global pandemic has undoubtedly played an impact on an individual’s finances. However, with a desire to serve the community, the Festival Foods team came together to have a successful campaign. I beyond proud to share that this year the Festival Foods team raised more money than any year in the past, despite the season of uncertainty in which we currently live. Now more than ever, the Festival Foods team came together to support the community in which they serve.

Again, now more than ever, the Jefferson and Walworth counties need our support, and the good news is that it is not too late to show support to the United Way. In a season of uncertain times, we, too, like Megan, need to think outside of the box.

And remember, support, no matter how small we may feel it is, is much appreciated.

Cory Krisher
United Way Board Chair
Store Director, Festival Foods