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Last week, our country celebrated Martin Luther King Day. There are so many admirable qualities of Dr. King and his impact was so profound. Here at United Way, we are so honored to follow the tremendous legacy he left regarding the importance of service.


In a very well-known quote, Dr. King wanted folks to question how they were contributing the world – “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”


Service won’t look the same in each person’s life. For some, it may be volunteering in their children’s school. For others it may mean financially supporting causes they care about. And yet for others, it may mean starting their own nonprofit to address an under-served population.


The level of service isn’t the most important part of Dr. King’s message. The most important part is simply doing SOMETHING. It’s asking yourself – on a daily basis – what are you doing for others? Are you contributing to your community? Are you actively a part of solutions to fix problems in your community? Are you finding ways to get involved and serve a greater purpose?


At United Way, we are so grateful to get to see, first-hand, how many people in our communities are doing things for others, every day. Our communities are full of individuals, organizations, families, and companies who are always helping others. We should all feel incredibly lucky for each and every one of those people and local businesses who lend their support.


If you don’t know where to start to learn more about getting involved, or you feel overwhelmed by the process, please contact us! We encourage our community members to use our United Way as a resource to help connect you to organizations that align with your passions and events & volunteer opportunities that align with your schedule.


We would be honored to help more people figure out how to answer Dr. King’s question and know exactly why they are doing for others.


The more we all support one another, the stronger our communities will be… for ALL of us.