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When I was asked to co-chair the United Way about 3 years ago, I was ecstatic to be able to join the team and to help others in our community. Throughout the years I have found ways to continually give back when and where I can. I have not always had money to offer as support, however, I have been able to offer my time.  Life hasn’t always been easy for me and my family. Being a teen mom and a single parent for many years; I would never have been able to make it without the helping hand of others.  Some helping hands that I never met, to others that has had the greatest impact and influence on who I am today. It is in honor of them all that I do my best to give back to others.

I find joy in seeing faces light up when a bit of stress is lifted when they know they are able to have a meal for their families or have diapers and formula to take care of their baby, or just to have a warm hat and mittens during the cold months. It only takes a little to help a lot, to take time to care for others around us. Caring for others is a small gift I can give to help those around me.

Fort HealthCare has given me the opportunity to Chair the United Way Campaigns and to work with our employees that already give so much of themselves in caring for others. It is a great pleasure to be a part of a team that is so generous and for our organization to support our community in so many ways.  That is a part of the culture that makes Fort Healthcare a great place to work and to give back to Jefferson County families in a huge way.

Janette Berry
Coordinator, HR Compensation & Benefits – Fort Healthcare
United Way Volunteer