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“You know they’s lots o’ words that’s called fightin’ words. Some o’ them starts a brawl, no matter who they’re spoken to.” So says Ring Lardner in his 1917 Gullible’s Travels.

What are those them fightin words all about? Well, my fellow board members and I were discussing that very topic at our strategic planning session just a few months ago, as the word “fight” is part of our mission statement. It was my suggestion that perhaps this word should be reconsidered as it may be too harsh for people. Really, us “community minded” folks aren’t “fighters” we are peace makers, right?

Then, it hit me! (No pun intended, well maybe so).  Our United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties does fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. And, you know, I can’t think of a better cause to fight for!  

To fight, says Webster, “is to put forth a determined effort” Well, all of us here at United Way of Jefferson County are doing just that and certainly not alone! Every year, our fearless donors raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure our community can provide critical needs, support programs and stand strong for our stakeholders. Just visit our website https://uwjnwc.com/ and see how we are waging battle against evil forces such as poverty, homelessness and most sadly; the pain of community disconnect.

If we don’t fight for the vulnerable, marginalized and impoverished members of our communities…..then who will?

Robin Kennedy
VP of Mission Advancement, Opportunities Inc.