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Happy Campaign Season!


Here at Festival Foods, we strive to show our support for the United Way in various ways. During our 2 week campaign, we allow our associates to purchase and wear United Way t-shirts in lieu of their normal uniform attire. This is a small thing for most, but when working in retail and the service industry, this really shows the company’s support of the United Way as a whole. In addition to our pledge forms that give our associates the option to give a one-time donation or a bi-weekly payroll deduction, we also added a few extra fun games to inspire involvement in the campaign. The first game is Penny Wars!  Every department has a container for associates to donate pennies or other change. Pennies count as positive and silver coins count as negative. The department with the highest positive balance at the end of the campaign will be awarded with a prize.  Secondly, we have our Pie in the Face game. Similar to Penny Wars, every Department Manager has a container at the Service Desk for guests and associates to put donations into. At the end of the campaign, the top 3 managers with the most money in their jar will receive a pie in the face (in front of the store where guests can join in on the laugher, of course.) Last but not least is our bike raffle. Guests and associates can purchase tickets towards the bike that is on display in the front of the store. This is not only a great prize donated to us but also a great way to get guests involved to share their support of the United Way.


When I joined the United Way Board of Directors almost two years ago, I knew very little about the United Way and how it operates. This experience has not only been eye-opening to see all of the great things United Way helps with around our local community, but it also gives me great talking points and knowledge to spread with the 150+ associates working with me here at Festival Foods.

Cory Krisher
Store Manager, Festival Foods Fort Atkinson