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As a United Way Board Member, I am constantly amazed at the generosity of our community. There are times when we are able to contribute, and other times when we are the recipients, who may someday wish to contribute. The United Way is there for all of us.

While we often think of the United Way at the same time we are enjoying watching our favorite professional Football teams—likely because of the poignant commercials—the United Way is very active year round.  Once fundraising projects are completed, the generous donations provided need to cascade to organizations who treat those dollars in a fiscally responsible manner to assist the community.

Partner Agencies, listed on our United Way website, are organizations that are approved for quarterly grant funding from our United Way.  That approval is determined through an application review and interview process, led by the United Way board of directors and multiple community volunteers.   This is a very stringent process, where the United Way participants and community members truly treat the funds as their own!  The Partner Agencies selected have shown true diligence in the applications submitted; and the follow through requirements.  There are so many deserving recipients for the funds—it is certainly difficult to select the most deserving.  Special thanks to our Partner Agencies for their diligence and dedication to the programs funded through the United Way.

Another use of United Way funds focuses on Pillar Grants, which provide funding on specific community projects and programs, which focus on areas of strategic impact.  Again, recipients provide detailed information which is reviewed comprehensively to ensure appropriate funding.  Congratulations to those recipients for their dedication to community efforts.

I am truly proud to serve as a Board Member for the United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties, where we truly embrace the United Way theme.   Thank you for your generosity in supporting the United Way!

Nancy Alstad
HR Director, Fort Healthcare