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I became a new board member of the United Way less than a year ago.  This opportunity has been very educational and rewarding as I have had the privilege to meet so many committed individuals who support so many programs within our county.   This position has provided me exposure to partner agencies I have not routinely worked with before and a better understanding of the efforts they make on a daily basis to support those in need.  Further, this has provided the additional opportunity for future connections and collaborative efforts with partner agencies to further enhance linking services together for the benefit of the county.

This past month the United Way board has been finalizing the award for grant dollars to our partner agency with the proceeds from the annual campaign.  The decisions have been difficult due to the worthiness and the dedication of all the applicants and the programs they administer.  Each applicant provides so many positive and needed services within our communities.

Our analysis in reviewing these applications focused in on ensuring the applicants are strong stewards of the donations they are provided with and the programs are aimed at improving the health, education and/or financial stability of the communities which United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties supports.

It is without a doubt our partner agencies are passionate for the services they provide to our communities and those they serve.   These agencies provide programming ranging from providing transportation to those in need, to housing, financial counseling, medical and dental care, education resources, counseling and general human services support.  We look forward to seeing their outcomes and the impact they will make in 2018.

This month also saw the United Way launch its 5th Annual Pillar Grant opportunity.   These grants are for projects that are aimed at improving the three community strategic initiatives the United Way has adopted, which include Early Childhood Education, Mental Health & AODA Treatment and Job Readiness & Skills Training. Please visit the United Way website at www.uwjnwc.com to learn more.

Finally, the County continues to partner with the United Way to sponsor the Volunteermain.com platform to help connect and coordinate volunteers with many of our programs within the county.  Volunteers are a crucial part of the success of numerous organizations.  The goal of the County and the United Way is to make it as easy as possible for organizations to find volunteers, and for volunteers to find opportunities that work for them in giving back.  I encourage you to look at this resource if you looking to volunteer or have a need for volunteers.

Our County is truly lucky to have so many great community partners.  I am truly honored that I have been given this opportunity to serve on this great board to carry out the wishes of so many generous individuals, community groups and businesses in support of our strategic initiatives.

Ben Wehmeier
Jefferson County Administrator