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We are so excited to be celebrating “75 Years of Support” to our communities during this 2018 Campaign! Please take a few minutes to watch our wonderful campaign video posted below, which details how important and impactful our United Way support is to the health, education & financial stability of our communities!

If you are interested in joining our campaign efforts – as a volunteer, a donor, a fundraiser, a workplace supporter – please send us a message through our contact page.

Want to learn more about what our annual campaigns help support?! Visit our Who We Help pages to learn more about our partner agencies, pillar grant projects and community programs.

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We are always looking for new workplace supporters, new volunteers and new community partners!  Please reach out to our office if you are interested in getting involved in our 2018 United Way campaign and helping us invest in positive impact for everyone in our communities!

Our latest annual report can be viewed here and please visit our Join the Campaign page to view details of how you can get involved in our upcoming campaign.

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