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Serving on the United Way Board of Directors has opened my eyes to the very best of our community.

As we work our way through February toward spring, partner agency interviews have begun. Coming so soon after the essential “wrap-up” of our annual campaign, I find myself in awe.

There are so many organizations and agencies helping to keep our friends and neighbors healthy, fed, housed, educated and safe. I sat in on the interviews for 13 of these agencies and each one of them is doing an incredible job of serving the members of our community. We have agencies providing job skills training, mental health and  addiction counseling, training “Big Sisters” or “Big Brothers” for youth in need of mentorship, providing families with the opportunity to learn together, providing transportation to people who need access to goods & services, giving access to medical & dental care to those of us who are uninsured, and helping to meet all of our basic human needs-up to & including providing housing, counseling, education, training & staples to the homeless or those escaping from an abusive situation.

Not only are we fortunate enough to have all of these organizations helping to build a stronger community, but we also have YOU-our thousands of donors, supporters and volunteers! Because of you, we are able to allocate much needed funds to these agencies- allowing them to continue helping our friends and neighbors build or re-build their lives.

I am truly humbled, and I thank you for entrusting me with the stewardship of our donations.

Penny Ardelt, First Citizens State Bank
United Way Board Member