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What do you enjoy about your board membership?

Being a board member is a wonderful experience that I fully enjoy.  It gives me an opportunity to help ensure the funds from our local community are used in ways that our local community wants.  It’s a great opportunity to work with other organizations and people that are looking to improve and strengthen our community as well.

What are you most proud of that United Way is involved with?

I really enjoy that our United Way is able to be involved with so many great programs and organizations.  I am most proud that we try to make an impact on several key pillars (health, education, and financial stability) in our community.


Why does your company run/support a United Way campaign?

HUSCO likes to be involved with organizations that focus on education, health, and well-being.  We have several different activities throughout the year to support United Way (Walking Tacos, Silent Auction, and Parking Spot Raffle to name a few)


What do you want more people in our communities to know about our United Way?

I wish more people knew about all the resources that our United Way offers: ways to help out, volunteer, pillar grant projects, and more.


Why should people support our local United Way?

Unless designated otherwise, we keep it all in our community.  Our board goes through a very rigorous screening process to ensure all of the funds are going to the right organizations that align with our mission statement and create true value added in our community.  United Way is one of the most prominent non-profits in the area, with very little overhead.  Our board is made of local community members so they have a vested interest in improving our local community.

Matt Yonke
HR Manager, HUSCO International